Project l 01
01 l Functiona conjuagted polymer synthesis

Conjugated polymers recently have drawn much attention as an emerging sensory material due to their meritorious signal amplification, convenient optical detection, readily tunable properties, and easy fabrication. We review the molecular design principles of sensory conjugated polymer recognition events, which can trigger conformational change of the conjugated polymer, induce intermolecular aggregation, or change the distance between the conjugated polymer as an energy donor and the reporter dye molecule as an energy acceptor. These recognition/detection mechanisms result in mainly three types of measurable signal generation: turn on or turn off fluorescence, or change in either visible color or fluorescence emission color of the conjugated polymer. In this article, we highlight recent advances in fluorescent and colorimetric conjugated polymer-based biosensors.

Project | 02
02 l Optofluidics

Low-cost and high-resolution on-chip microscopes are vital for reducing cost and improving efficiency for modern biomedicine and bioscience. Despite the needs, the conventional microscope design has proven difficult to miniaturize.  The optofluidic microscope design, readily fabricable with existing microfluidic technologies, offers low-cost and highly compact imaging solutions. More functionalities, such as encoding microparticles and fluorescence bioassay, can also be readily adapted into industrial systems. We anticipate that the our low cost optofluidic micro particle fabrication system can significantly address a range of biomedical and bioscience needs, and engender new microscope applications.

Project | 03
03 l 3D Smart functional structure fabrication

In this project, we are trying to develop a smart functional 3D nano structure using optofluidics and designed smart functional polymers.

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