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Ph. D.

In Kyu Jeon_edited.png
Dr. Inkyu Jeon

Current: AMHOLO Inc. (COO)
Dr. Jongwon Oh

Current: Postdoc,
              The University of Chicago
Dr. Younghoon You

Current: LG Innotek
Dr. Changil Son

Current: SK materials performance

M. S.

Seonghyeon Ahn.png
Seonghyeon Ahn

Current: LG Electronics 
subeen shin.png
Subeen Shin

Current: LG Electronics
yoonkyung shin.png
Yoonkyung Shin

Current: Posco Future M
dajeong kim.png
Dajeong Kim
Heesu Cho.png
Heesu Cho

Hyeri Hwang

Current: LG Chem 
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